SMART Board® 2000 series

Engaged students learn more.

Share all sorts of lesson content from more devices. SMART Board 2000 series is designed for teachers who need more than a basic display. This non-touch display allows students to participate in lessons in ways TVs can’t match.

SMART Learning Suite software included.

Wireless screen-sharing for Android, iOS and Microsoft

4K Ultra HD resolution 75" display

Give everyone the chance to contribute

Wireless screen-sharing on the SMART Board 2000 series makes it easy for students and teachers to show whatever is on their Android, iOS and Microsoft devices, and laptops to the entire classroom. Even better, lessons and presentations look amazing in crisp, 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Key features

Wireless screen-sharing Students and teachers can show whatever is on their Android, iOS and Microsoft devices, and laptops on the display with a few easy taps.

SMART Learning Suite included All SMART Boards come with a 1-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite’s interactive lessons, game-based activities, formative assessment, online co-creation and more.

More student engagement Students who are engaged learn more. The 2000 series gives every student a chance to contribute, which builds confidence.

4K Ultra HD resolution SMART Notebook lessons. Videos. Web browsing. Brilliant 4K resolution ensures whatever you show on your 2000 series looks its best.

Easy to afford Sometimes you don’t need an interactive display for your lessons. With the 2000 series, you get wireless screen- sharing and 4K resolution on a 75" display at a great price.

SMART Boards have received many safety, regulatory and environmental certifications, giving you peace of mind that the 2000 series adheres to government or other regulatory requirements.

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